Six Sentence Sunday, travel

Six Sentence Sunday

The parking lot for the Alachua Sink looked unimpressive; cars parked on the dirt under the live oaks. Next to a bulletin board full of announcements and brochures, a sign stuck into the dirt pointed, warning that the observation deck was a half-mile away. The path meandered off into the woods, with few signs of human habitation. Soon I crossed the Hawthorne Trail, a popular bike path that replaced an unused railroad line; its pavement new and bright, a stark contrast to the sandy dirt path that crosses it. Around another couple of turns, I walked underneath a train trestle, rails gone, gravel sidings disappearing into the grass, which was left to grow tall and heavy with seeds. Trees have fallen and been left where they lie, obscured by Virginia creeper and hanging vines as thick as my wrist, looking like those in the early Tarzan movies.

3 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday”

  1. I’m not sure why you consider this ugly? This is somewhere I have never been (if, indeed it’s a real place) and I could see it from your description. Maybe I’m missing some part of the exercise that you are supposed to participate in. But what I read was something fantastically detailed that takes you to where you were, shows us what you saw. Am I missing the point?

    1. I’m glad you like it–and no, you’ve not missed the point. For the exercise, I was supposed to put up something that I think needs a lot more work. Actually, I felt like it really fell flat, so it helps that you could imagine it–that is what I was hoping to do. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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