ROW80 Round 3


1. Work an hour a week setting up the “author platform” of Twitter, Facebook, new blog, Goodreads.

2. Post at least 250 words at least once a week (not including ROW 80 check-in posts).

3. Spend at least two hours a day on writing, research, outlining; no external distractions.

4. Plan/outline 2 new essays.

5. Revise 4 essays already written.

In the way life has, it has kicked my creative writing to the curb.  Goals 4 and 5 are professional writing that has to be done; I am taking the attitude that the habits in goals 1-3, once established, will serve me well in my creative life.  For that matter, writing for an audience, no matter how distant and aloof, cannot hurt.  Therefore, until I can turn to my fiction WIPs, I will bear a standard with the strange device / Exclesior (apologies to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow).


8 thoughts on “ROW80 Round 3”

  1. Good luck to you! It’s hard to switch gears into creative writing when you’re already writing so much professionally. I remember during my brief stint as an internet writer a few years ago, I did no creative writing whatsoever. Unfortunately, if that is your career, you have to find the balance somewhere!

    But you’re going the right way about it, so I have every confidence you’ll get to where you want to go. I’ll look out for you on the platforms you’ve named above 😀 Although looking out for “The Woman With No Name” might not get me far, or other readers of your blog, so you should probably choose a pen name sooner rather than later 😀

    1. Thanks for the good advice, Anne-Mhairi. Even with all the story ideas whirling through my mind, the idea of writing is sometimes too close in time to the day job, so I have to be creative about timing.

      “The Woman With No Name” has a certain ring, but I guess I’ll go for something else 😀 I’ve been poring over the pen name possibilities, and will have one soon.

  2. Oh, the platform. I still have not set up my goodreads or facebook pages. I have a personal facebook, but I’m not good with posting to it. Twitter is perfect. Sounds like you are staying very busy. Lots going on. Keep up the good work, and let those story ideas brew. They’ll be even better when you get back to them.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Will definitely keep it in mind 🙂

    1. I hear you, Wendy. My Goodreads page is so bare, it’s embarrassing! I’m going to need to re-do my Facebook page. I tried to change it to my pen name, and FB got all snotty about it, so I shelved it. I’ll try again at some point, but as you say I’m miserable at keeping up with my personal FB page, as their constant invasion of privacy ticks me off, so that has moved further down the line.

      Twitter fits my crazy life quite well–I’m going to take a deep breath and change to the pen name there, too, but right now I’m @EMitchellwrites; if you want to, tell me your twitter handle, I’d love to follow you.

      Have a great weekend! 🙂

  3. Heya Elizabeth, your goals sounds great and sensible too! I look forward to seeing you in round 4. (I did check to see if you had a last check-in for ROW80 round 3, but could not see -have you hidden it?) 😛

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