WIPpet Wednesday

WIPpet Wednesday

This week, I am doing a few things differently with my WIPpet. I am not combining it with any other posts, so that no one needs to navigate through a longer post. Also, I am putting this on a blog where I used to post snippets, but have neglected for too long. Here’s to change and regeneration.

WIPpet is a weekly bloghop hosted by Emily Wrayburn. The only requirement is that the snippet have something to do with the date. Feel free to head over to the WIPpet linky to  add your own, or visit other members, or both.

My selection follows immediately after last week’s, where Christine ended by calling Eustace a “ridiculous old man.” I offer 12 sentences for 1+1+7+2+1, dropping the 8 from the date.

That ridiculous old man was also sitting at a desk looking at a piece of parchment. Or actually looking through it, remembering.  Madame du Chastel, although then she was Tomasso’s daughter, Christine, was transcribing a student’s text.  She looked up and smiled in greeting. Briefly, Eustace could not move, could not greet her, could not even smile. A slight shiver traveled down his body then left, freeing him to smile in return.

“What are you copying today, demoiselle?”

“Nothing of yours, monsieur,”  she said, suppressed laughter gleaming in her eyes. “This is much nicer than your poems about the English.”

“You should be kinder to your elders,” he responded, taking the quill from her hand.

Shaking himself out of the reverie, he read the letter again. “Dear teacher and friend.”

9 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday”

  1. I am also intrigued by that brief moment before he settles into the banter and friendship with Christine. Just what has gone before?

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