Return from the Mist

Although most people quote the saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun,” I find time also flies when I am stressed, depressed, or busy with not-fun stuff. Last year about this same time, I posted plans for changes to this blog.  Then life slid into an ocean of fog and mist, and I realized with a frisson, that it had been a year, when Eli, of Coach Daddy, asked me to contribute to one of his six-word story posts.

Sure, I have excuses, many of them viable–surgery in January, work craziness in the summer, but nothing is really persuasive. I stopped blogging because I felt I had nothing of interest to say. However, I now know that I write to think about things, and perhaps I am not the only person struggling with the same things.

I do not plan to be political, although I have no problem being contentious. I tend to be more concerned with life, the humanities, and a life well-lived, with strong opinions for which I feel no need to apologize. Feel free to come along for the ride.


5 thoughts on “Return from the Mist”

  1. Welcome back Elizabeth! You’ve been missed. Yes, I do think we struggle with the same things. I just posted after abandoning my blog for several months. I raised the same question. Do I have anything interesting to say? Does what I say or feel really matter? Quite honestly, there are times when I’m not sure how to answer those questions. Yet, for some reason I still make the effort to carry on and try to connect with others. I’m so glad that you’re trying to do the same! 😊

  2. Welcome back. I too feel the same way about my blog at times. Yet, it is almost like an addiction. If I go more than a week without posting, I feel like something is missing. Or maybe it’s just that I want to share my insanity with others instead of keeping it to myself.
    Looking forward to hear more from you.

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