Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | May 1, 2015

First Friday Photo Blog Hop

After a far, far too long hiatus, I’m coming back to this blog.  My offering today is part of Eden Mabee’s brain child, the First Friday Photo. I was returning from New York City on the train on a winter evening.  The tracks run along the Hudson River for the majority of the trip, offering stunning views of the Catskills and rolling countryside.  We were in lower altitude environs when the sun set.



Consider participating in First Friday Photo, as it is not complicated and promises to be fun. The rules are here.  At the least, visit the participants here.




  1. Love the picture. Sunsets are one of my favorite photo topics.

    • Thanks, Eden. I love sunsets, but almost didn’t take this one. From a moving train, using a phone camera, how good could it be? But I think it turned out well, at least evocative.

  2. That’s gorgeous!

    • Thanks, Lynn. I had no clue how beautiful upstate New York is when I first got here three years ago. I still have only scratched the surface. 🙂

  3. Having ridden that train with you, on a different occasion, I love this even more. Happy you joined in!

    • It was quite a bit darker on the trip back when we wer on the train, Shan, but it was a great trip.

      I’m glad you like the picture!

      • Maybe I remember it as brighter because of the company and the day! =)

        Sunsets get me every time!

      • It was a great day, with great company, I agree!

      • =D

  4. What a lovely color in the sky! Doesn’t look like winter at all — or a photo taken while commuting to work.

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